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Developmental delays in both social communication and social interaction are widely recognized characteristics of those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Recognizing autism and related disorders is the first step in helping a child who is living with Autism.

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Diagnosis and Assessment

When helping a child with Autism, obtaining the proper diagnosis is the first step.

The start of your child’s individualized treatment plan begins with a thorough assessment performed by our team of Autism specialist.

We work with families to provide ABA therapy and treatment for children on the Autism Spectrum.

Customized Treatment Plan

Blue Light ABA Consultant’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts create individualized treatment plans for each child.

Blue Light ABA Consultant’s team of Autism Specialists come to your home working closely with your child in their natural environment.

We provide individualized ABA therapy to children with Autism in order to maximize their progress.

Social Skills Training

Blue Light ABA Consultants offer social skills training to children with Autism and related disabilities.

Using fun, interactive strategies we promote and encourage children to interact with their peers.

Providing In-Home ABA Services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Complimentary Consultation

This service is provided free of charge for anyone who may be on the fence about starting up ABA services. If ABA services are appropriate for your child a full assessment will be completed at the onset of services.

Your child’s team of Autism behavior specialists

Your child’s team of Autism and behavior specialists is designed to provide all necessary support in order to ensure the best progress.

At Blue Light ABA Consultants we continue to advocate for families living with Autism. Our continued passion to the families we serve carries every day as we understand that every day matters.

When is the best time for therapy?

Early intervention is THE BEST intervention. ABA therapy for children with autism is the most effective evidence-based approach.

While typically developing children learn naturally throughout their day, most children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have to be taught to learn from their environment. This may require many hours of intensive ABA therapy.